Thursday, August 03, 2006

the plagiarist in me

a shot at explaining why most of my friends are single

actually i posted this sometime ago i just don't get it how or why it was not posted.i have been contemplating why most of my friends are single. looking at them, they are eye candies, mature (i think), driven, motivated and all other qualities that most of us are looking for a partner but they are sticking to their status. i have been synching with some of them through electronic means and here are some of the best reasons inferring from our conversations....

1. most of them are at the stage of building a life-long career. everyone is just hell too busy, that is why the electronic conversation most of the time. in fact, most of them are asserting themselves in their businesses or companies they are working at and all are on their way to the top (God bless them on this). And therefore, the time for dates, etc. are instead focused onto overtimes, even on weekends.

2. life right now is a lot harder than 5 years ago, when most of them were still students. and now that they are on their toes trying to tie their own shoes, a life full of complications is hard enough to handle, more so with an excess baggage that you can take some other time. quoting a friend: "pucha ang hirap na ng buhay ngayon papahirapan mo pa dahil nagdagdag ka pa ng isang responsibilidad"

3. most of them are jaded little bitches and bastards who do not want to care anymore for the past took most of what they were holding onto. from third parties, to pregnancies, to trial-and-errors, most of them are shouting pain and grievances. (wish ko lang wag masyadong jaded, di ba?) so some are still healing while others are still hurt.

4. so since most of them are jaded, they are just waiting for the right person to come along, without even lifting a finger. in other words, nagmamahaba ng buhok. but in my personal opinion, they have all the right to do so.i feel sad kasi i was able to come up with a better one than this but lo and behold, for reasons only the internet knows, that entry was not posted in my blog.

--- share ko lang to sa blog ko...this is written by a co-blogger and a friend...RAF FELICIANO...galing hehehe...salamat pala sa permission to post this


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