Thursday, July 20, 2006


its been awhile since i last wrote, even attempted to create a personal entry (most of the last ones i did were political - for kuya manolo in his BLOGSITE and a couple for highlight write-ups)...i have become more of a tech writer again and less of the original creative pen that originally i i feel doing this...i know its hard for some people to consider me serious, hereto SINCERE...i always seem to project a persona of a SOCIABLE-amicable...tying loose ends...negotiating truce...particulating whole truths and half lies...smiling on the next person and preparing to smile again for another...its a hard "WISYO" and no matter how i try to look different from my daily "jog" i still end up with the same potatoes...yes i may look like a BALL bouncing around people and making them feel good but nonetheless i still hide from the truth of anonymity...i never need accolades nor gestures that would make an ordinary person cringe with smug...i prefer simply to be silently adored (who doesnt) and not ASSUMED upon...never in my entire walk on this plane have I had an instance of fortuitous mention nor an assumption of a negate basis...yes i like to play around...i do things people usually find adhering and smooth...simple yet elegantly devised...just to bring the "other sex" into my these past few days i am voraciously ingesting an idea of romantic interlude...matagal na kong di napupuno eh...i finally found someone who does not evoke fear to me...i found someone i think i can see myself going STAYPUT and unFLINCHING...all of us have faults in our lives...the problem though lies with what happens do you react? it hard to show that you care for me, to admit to me that you are going into the same road im taking?...sana naman eh hindi lahat ng babae MAKASARILI...thats the biggest disadvantage studs face at this moment...balik tau...

ps...the picture has nothing to do with the blog hihihihihi...


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