Thursday, June 15, 2006

hating kapatid

half the year...too long the time has turned and i am ready for something new...adjustments are hard, way too hard for someone like me who has adapted this way of life...being free, having no restrictions, clockhand at my palm, burning may be applicable to some people to afford to handle their time, but for others its the point of reverse...i dont owe people no shit and answer nothing unless the need...i dont need pity nor mercy and definitely no mulligan...i may talk too much crap, sometimes out of line or context, but by GOD i tell them in good taste...i am no fan of half-truths...i have the slightest of caution to mind those that hear me BITTER and WHINE...i dont care if they believe or care for me back...all i need is understanding...i am tired of wasting my time on people who cant fend for themselves, those people that depend on me to answer their every query...every move i make is calculated...whatever i tell i do but being the flexible being that i am, i can change my mind in a snap of a finger...i go for advantages and never those that would put me in jeopardy...that for me is the essence of risk, knowing that youll win whatever it takes...its in these past days that i noticed that new talent of mine - taking advantage of situations and realizing where i stand...


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