Wednesday, May 10, 2006

sick cycle carousel

post haste...motto for the coming months...i have to increase torque on my personal machinery of cerebro and cardialysis...i cant afford to be slow anymore - too much is at stake...i will not wither away and accept defeat graciously, NOT MY STYLE...better to go down in flames fighting (mali man o tama) than accept my faith and have regrets in all eternity...i may end up a blundering HERO but at least a hero nonetheless...many a "masa" ride on the chances of my moves and strokes, from here-on out ill be doing this for mua' - no more influence and backstabbing...ive strobed down my drive to be people-friendly because frankly i hate the idea of thinking others first before yourself - such a cliche that ends up with you begrudged and malevolent...its me first now before you...i have to lower my shields of emotion too, i wish i could learn the intricacies of giving up pride and self-involvement for the precious possession of yielding to my heart's whim...i may be lazy, pathetic and most of the time indifferent but when i start to get down to business its always the same result since past times - I AM SECOND...SECOND TO NONE

"mahal kita...pero di mo lang alam"......


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