Saturday, June 18, 2005

STARWARS Episode 7:Tito San' Ba Papuntang Alibangbang? (aka...Ako ang Daan...Ang Katotohanan...Sa Landas ng Kandungan)...the dangers of "unsober" driving just got "danger-rer"...NEXT PICTURE...Pag May Bumayo May Nagtanim (aka Paglaki Ko Gusto Kong Maging POPOYista - "When I Grow Up I Wanna Be A Popularits!)  Posted by Hello

gonna bye bye baby epi tres

once predicted...blah blah back!...sorry for the delay (as if a lot of peeps waited for this shit...pweh...asa pa ko hahaha)...wala na ngang bitinan...being the businessman that i was/am/will be/am great (making moola out of mindless ideas) i wasted no time to cash in on the "untapped" simpletons of our barrio...from renting out my ps2 to betting on illegal motorcycle races at dusk and assessing crop revenues for cooperatives...wherever money flows and drips into profit youll definitely "smell" me there in the middle of it...ang masaya pa sa probinsya eh di ka gaano at medyo gagastos...everythings a lot cheaper and usually when you buy stuff at the town market they are in bulk or wholesale...i felt like a "don" whenever i did the "marketing" and haggling-wise no one's cheaper to the bones than me (sa maniwala kayo o hindi) was a blast during the "happy return" as i did it old style ala 1950' was done on antiquidated limestone grills housed on a small nipa hut detached from our "villa" need to fire up the "stoves" first before actually beginning the process of cooking (that takes roughly an additional 30 minutes to the cooking frying an egg was a nightmare and boiling water was almost out of the question - we use gas for that hehehe)...on the barrio too i got the chance to fulfill another craving i could never ever do at the "polis"- firearm usage and target shooting...from air rifles to danao pistols i had my was almost a waste due to one "forgiveable" fact - i forget my digital camera and all we had to "kodak" our memories was the videocam and 24 rolls of film...crud...after a week of excitement and a "fortuitous reunion" we had to bid our sayonara to the land of ma'mama'(mah' momma' jiggaboo)...back to "kalakhan" we go - where the air is thick (pollution and dust) and the "niche" crowded...when going back to anything or anywhere, why does time tend to fly faster? hindi ba ang bakasyon ay maituturing na "relaxation" pero bakit iniisip ng tao palagi na magpahinga pagkagaling sa biyahe? at bakit walang yosi sa barkong ito? (those were the questions stirring on my cerebro while i was at the RoRo batangas-bound)...the sea was as flat as my belly (mag react...PATAY!) and the ride needed no bonamine...sarap ng skyflakes at nissin bukayo at analeah ng batangas (hehehe...just a co-passenger who shared a common passion of chain-smoking and sensible conversation with yours truly)...without her and Kapitan Bartolome Isidro id be RIP by now - from lack of vitamin N(icotine) and mineral T(ar)...docking at the port i said adieu to the pretty beau from lemery and the bay of batangas...162 kilometers to go man! the SLEX i then realized a big blunder...OMG (ragna-lingo for oh my friggin GOD!) si BOOMA coding! TAENA! (my japnoy nephew was inspirational in the naming of our pseudo hess-yu-bee - a corruption of the word KURUMA which means auto mo to')...we had to kill time at the caltex starstation and for me "bituin-salapi" as usual (sosi eh wala akong nga lang galing starmart yung kape ko hahaha)...ayan 630 na pwede na siguro to...we were on our were going near our abode i grew unhappy by the minute...i already missed my "uhuging" cousins that bugged me every damn hour of our vacation (asking for a ton of things...from Playstation cheats to tips on errands)...the shrills and shrieks of relatives and old-timer "katandaans"who frequented our "villa" every day of that fateful week...the lokalistas who served as my temporary hommies and "runions" of mischief and a thousand laughs...the "atmosphere" i sorely want and can only be found on another equally "aquine" place - sagada...ah..another chronicle on the j-man journals...damn my grandchildren would be happy with this...dagdag na naman sa ikukwento...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

sky rockets in flight epi 2

after a well needed rest and a disgusting bout with the forces of Team Magma (pokemon rokz haha) im now here doing the continuance on my previous post (pwede namang sabihing part two eh no inartehan ko pa) the story goes we arrived "home" around 4 in the afternoon after almost a whole day of traversing the so-called "strong republic highway" (the signs were a nice touch but it sucked...they were not much visible to motorist and were written in such a way it was deliberately more of the artistic than as informative)...relatives greeted us with glee when we arrived (not because WE were there but because we had a lot of "pasalubong" for them - typical filipino trait i might add) usual they got a "mouthful" from my ermatz and ended up carrying our stuff with the "goodies" left at the "behikulo" for later distribution (sorry if this is sounding more and more like a refugee/military story)...walking through the dirt road leading to our house i was glad to see my "beauties" and how they had blossomed (the "flowers" i planted when i was vacationing way back then...12 different species from the common sampaguita to my wonderful/rare vanda orchids hanging on a mango tree that i too planted...ang "berde" ko at nyo talaga)...a battalion of cousins met me and immediately gave me one of the most treasured thrills of my life - a warm unconditional hug - with a slight of hands manouver to dislodge my wallet from my pocket...anak ng patutsay naman oh mamaya na haha..."ayan na si ESENG!"...a cry all too familiar coming from my closest kins - cousin/brother "andoyong" of Tondo (believe or not our quaint patch of baranggay is known - all throughout our province - as Tondo...relatives of the past were all fighters and rebels spurting other townsfolk to call our place as such) was the first agenda on our minds...we played and easily creamed the six-foot, "2 cavans of rice-carrying giants" team of the poblacion (they looked menacing...just looked the part though)...manila streetball always prevailed thank you very much (couple that with our "common" tactics of panggugulang and balyahan only found in the metro - as one of my friends in baguio would call "supersaiyan kadayaan galing kamaynilaan")...i spent the whole week on beach trips to my favorite tita's place and on the "silangan" river that runs from the "mountains" of halcon to the bay of pola (yes you guessed it...its where our vice president hails from)...i had the grandest time of "laboring" for what i eat...going through the forest grove for a snack of indian mangoes and dalanghita...sweeping the fields for watermelon and the admonial french delicacy "palaka"...and going around the gardens for the freshest veggies that beats the hell-rush buying at blumentritt...everyday was fulfilling...the warm temp of the day (manila was too damn hot to be at - 35 to 37 was a common reading at the metropolis as opposed to the one i was experiencing) and the cold summer night was recharging and refreshing...the air is "duh" naturally clean and the water from our "balon" seemed distilled...looking at the sky at night i remembered the lines from a song ("i lay my head unto the ground...the sky resembles a backlit canopy with holes punched in it"...wish you were here...incubus)...damn i how i really wished my "hommies" were there with me (kaso lang alak panigurado ang ikot ng usapan hahaha...sinabi nang di na ko tumotoma eh)...being the chameleon that i am i blended well with the local populace and gained the immediate trust of a number of folks from the area (PR was the game...buti na lang i had 3 units of it)...age was no factor in the discussions (something that i really liked in a rural fuss and hush just serious unabated talk)...COMMERCIAL MUNA - itutuloy bukas...antok na ko eh

grab some afternoon delight epi-one

its been a "hectic" past two months for me...grabe...i really love going around town and outside the "skirts" of pamosong "kalakhang maynila"...ive skipped a lot of "other" social activities just to reward myself a chance to recharge my fervent "piety" on selfish indulgences that has or has not rewarded my fancy...doing a "part time" writing job was somewhat "returnful" (pardon the "konyotik" approach to word formation on the rewards and perks of doing freelance work - ayoko ng redundancy eh) both intellectually and "pocket-ly" but the trip to "hapiness" was the toast of the month of flowers...traversing the SLEX for nth time wasnt a blast anymore than a nightmare of sorts (i was faced with the gargantuan task of driving from manila to batangas city on a saturday morning of was still then "vacation" period - visualize EDSA during rush hour with several road mishaps) ...a sip of mocca frappo and a bite of ham n' chiz "kwasant" (croissant gaga haha) from "bituin-salapi" was the only refuge i had from the monstrosity of traffic on a supposedly "traffic-proof" highway south of the metro...the megaplaza looked more like divisoria during that fateful day (parking was a nightmare...all of us there seemed to be zombies thinking the same act of making "istambay" on the gasoline station/mall/tambayan/ihian) and some even had taken the liberty of doing a picnic on the grass area of the site (kesa nga naman magtanghalian sa kalsada ika nga)...we left manila around half past five in the morn but still we were only in santo tomas at 9 (we should have been in batangas city by then...crap)...the reason of traffic was the blazing "turtle" pace of the tollgate tellers and the stubborn "sinabi nang barya lang" motorist who made it a point to flaunt and impress pathetically other motorist (flashing their "blue" crisp 1000 bill na akala mo sila lang meron nun)...poor folks...after doing a 40 on the highway and then letting the Miss Earth Philippines convoy pass (kapal sobra...pati yung mga "sabit" support kuno vehicles kasama...sinigawan pa kami...good thing kalinya ko yung isang mayor sa occidental mindoro...kabog sila haha) we figured ourselves in the calabarzon highway...yehey makaka 150kph na naman on the open road sa wakas...after the hellish traffic we arrived at the port of batangas in the dead heat of noon (crap we missed the 1030 trip...we had to wait an hour)...spending the waiting hours i was amused by an old gentleman (tatay greg his name he announced) who was making his way through Aleng Glo's RoRo etchos from pampanga all the way to caticlan in the visayas (telling the tale of the wedding he is to go to and the story of his whole damn but colorful life)...i also found fondness on the merry makers from Ateneo etc (recent grads i think) who lost their minds when they decided to be "cheap" once in their lifetime and do the ala "Road Trip flick"experience of going to boracay on chariots...on the ferry i was with the "gang from alabang" and all the while they all referred to me as kuya (potah naisip ko tuloy na matanda na ko...pweh)...we lounged at the open area sitting of the RoRo and immediately i did my "pinakamalufet" mcgyver-impression setting up a stereo system from just an iPOD and a large speaker we borrowed from the pilot house of the boat (thanks katarina for the iPOD experience...mapag ipunan nga)...we said our adieu after arriving at port leaving each other numbers just in case they want to make fun of me again (natuwa sila sa kin eh...sino ba naman hindi hehehe)...good thing it was my uncle's turn on the wheels so i had the free time of scratching my balls (kiddin)...a lot has changed in oriental mindoro eversince i first set foot on it when i was a small "booger" was more and more looking like an urban "paddy" yet majority is still rural in "background"...and hell i loved it...ive been through and to a lot of places in the country but only in our province do i still feel the ruggedness of what "provincial" was all was "eto bahay namin" walk a good 3 to 5 minutes before "eto yung kapitbahay naman" setting still lingering in these parts that really got me "nostalgic" (nose talsik sipon stuff) and placid..."wala sa maynila nyan no utoy" fondly said by my lolo-uncle when we arrived at our quaint "tiny" town...ah saya talaga ng be continued (antok na ko eh)